Home Daily Featured Modomines Claims Their New Camera Integration Technology Shall Enhance Data Security for All Quarry & Crusher Units

Modomines Claims Their New Camera Integration Technology Shall Enhance Data Security for All Quarry & Crusher Units

Modomines Claims Their New Camera Integration Technology Shall Enhance Data Security for All Quarry & Crusher Units
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Modomines®  the flagship ERP for all Quarry & Crusher Units has recently announced that their Camera Integration technology will help save millions in losses due to pilferage of their inventory.OneModo Technologies a software company that developed this technology is a recent innovation in their arsenal and already has lot of takers in the market as many are willing to invest in this latest technology that is promising to stop all the theft that potentially occurs in their weighment area.

The CEO of OneModo Technology Mr. Sayee Raghavachari says, “we clearly did not mean to reinvent the wheel nor intent to do so, rather we have managed to successfully help the clients of our technology innovation integrated within our ERP ecosystem to ensure that weighment operators shall not in any way shape or form shall misuse the company’s software in any possible manner“.

We as a company will always innovate and come up with new technologies to help our clients to stop this menace that is threatening to ruin everyone’s livelihood.  A bad apple can corrupt the entire department and we will not let that happen”, according to the CEO of OneModo Technologies.

We feel that, as far as our ERP goes, regardless of what package they have obtained with us, we always inform our clients about our new technology and if they are interested in seeing a demo of how it works and its efficacy in stopping pilferage, we always oblige them.  Its important for us, as a company to help our customers rather than nickel and dime them”, says Sayee Raghavachari – the CEO of OneModo Technologies.

That sentiment is rather unique in our industry where every single bit of new feature is marketed vigorously as the next best thing to hit the market.  In this regard, OneModo Technology always strives to take care of its clients rather than answer to the market forces. That is something that needs to be appreciated as these sentiments are becoming a rather of an oddity in our industry.

Sayee Raghavachari says, “We will always help our customers to be safe and profitable.  That is raison d’être of our company.  That mentality needs not necessarily prevent us from being a profitable company. I believe in a slow, yet steady growth and our goal is not to conquer the markets, so it leaves us as a monopoly.  I don’t think that way and I feel monopoly is indeed bad for the market in general because customers must have a variety to choose from and that is healthy in long term”.

Our Camera technology captures the product, the license number in multitude of angles with a single click and stores in our server after every trip so our clients can audit to see if there had been any consistent pattern of pilferage.

Our next generation software will utilize state of the art technologies like NLP, AI and ALPR to figure out automatically without human intervention to stop the spillages.  This technology is proposed to be released in the 4th quarter of the coming year. This will change the game in its entirety.


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