Modomines® Launches Boom Barrier Integration in its Software

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Modomines® software application has launched its latest innovation in its Hardware integration processes.  In a typical ERP software that caters to the Quarry & Crusher segment, its pertinent that the higher the hardware integration the more powerful and valuable will be the ERP for the customers.

With that spirit, we consistently strive to do it so all the tedious work that goes in data entry and the perimeter security are automated.  Why is this important?  As ERP goes, Modomines® is not your garden variety software. From the day one, the ONLY goal of our software was to somehow prevent the theft, spillage and pilferages that continues to remain a bane to this industry.

Given the predilections of the trip operators, transport in charge, not to mention those personnel who work in the inventory section are all susceptible to greed and they are somehow manipulated by the outside forces to commit these offenses – regardless of how small or large an organization or plant.  We want to end this cycle of destruction and financial loss to our clients.

Our latest enhancement to integrate the boom barrier with our software facilitates a complete and accurate read of the weights in the weighment area.  It is somehow tempting for me as I write this to go over the exact details on how this happens, but I have written about this in considerable detail elsewhere in this site.  Please read it when you get a chance to educate yourself on the way these things potentially occur in quarries and crushers across the country.

Our vendor who supplies the Boom barrier had worked with us in providing us the API from the vendor and sometimes we had to work with those that did not have them.  Modomines® software has taken a significant step in helping your quarry or crusher units secure.  This is a no mean feat for our company and we are completely proud of our technical team and the sales & marketing team to bring all different aspects of business work as one unit.

Though, we are working on more of such innovations, this is just a step in the right direction.  We are incredibly excited to bring forth this feature to you at ZERO COST (other than the hardware & installation) for our clients.

At the end of the day, our customer must be completely protected from all sorts of mishaps.  That is the only way Modomines ® can achieve credibility in a market where ERP is dime a dozen

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