International Mining Expo and Conclave

One can understand why were so super excited to participate at our very first Expo

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Chennai Aug 2019 – We literally could not contain ourselves. This being our very first expo participation, we did not know what to expect or we weren’t aware of how the crown participation would be and how our stall design was compared to others and so many questions. You can chalk it up to the butterfly in our stomach on our debut.

I can tell you this… to our pleasant surprise, it turned to be quite positive. The visitors simply loved us and so was the Chief of Guest who had nothing but good things to say about our stall and most importantly our product. We did in fact sign up with a few clients on the venue and many of them showed tremendous interest in our software and gave us a schedule for us to meet with them in person and show a detailed demo.

Being a complete perfectionist – a unhealthy attitude according to my better half, though I was happy but noted down a ton of pointers for our upcoming BIG expo which was the EXCON 2019 in Bangalore.  This was our rehearsal so to speak.  I feel that most importantly, that all the sales staff needs to be thoroughly trained on the talking points over and over again so that no question goes unanswered or satisfactorily answered for a client.

As I always tell my guys, we do follow a CMMM process which is defined as “Constant Modification & Mastery Matrix – A set of pre-defined parameters that are consistently over time is overhauled and re-worked on so that a certain level of proficiency is obtained regardless of whether they are Sales & Marketing or Software Developers.

What is important is the fact that we work on our failings everyday so that we do not repeat the same mistakes over and over while expecting different results each time (which is the definition of stupidity). Secondly, as the CEO of the company, my expectation from my employees since day one is to encourage them to make mistakes – but not repeat them. I value innovation. And innovation is not possible without mistakes.

Let’s see how our Excon experiences goes

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