Great Reception for Modomines on participation in ERODE BUILD EXPO

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It was truly an amazing experience for us here at Modomines while participating in the ERODE BUILD EXPO. How so? It was almost an eye-opening experience for all of us because of the interest shown by potential customers towards our product.

When we told them about Modomines, its automation processes, people received us very warmly and the level of interest shown towards Modomines was just phenomenal. There were, In fact, a whole bunch of factors that were actually unfavorable towards us because we had our stall at the end of the basement and only after we went there, we realized that this expo is more catered towards the actual builders rather than service providers like ourselves.






Regardless of all these debilitating factors, we chose to make lemonade and guess what, We did and we did it emphatically.

As I mentioned in the beginning, it was eye-opening because, though this expo wasn’t really not for us, but what we realized was that we still had a ton of interested parties who wanted to get our software and we got a ton of referrals as well.  We were able to obtain all aggregates manufacturers in Erode district and were able to successfully implement our solution to them.

It looks like the old adage, “Leave no stone unturned” remains true.

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