Modomines becomes a member of CII

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Modomines becomes a member of CII

Modomines became a member of CII – Confederation of Indian Industries which is considered to be one of the largest non-profit industry-led, non-government firm that is currently exists in India today.

Why? The answer was quite a simple one.  I had the great pleasure to meet Mr. Keshav in EXCON -2019 in Bangalore.  I had a lot of questions for him and one of the questions was (as usual), How do we generate more leads into our business. His answer was to ask us to apply & become a full-fledged member of CII so that it would be easier for us to participate in the meetings, get-togethers and intermingle with partnering firms thereby naturally aiding in obtaining leads.

I was immediately convinced to become a member of CII and went through a whole of processes and paper work and not to mention payments to finally get the membership and the moment I got my login, I was pleasantly surprised to find like minded folks in there as well.

I look forward to expanding our boundaries towards extending our company and its software in an international scale, through consistent networking, and participating with CII proactively.

Let us see what happens.

In order to receive more information regarding becoming member of CII please click here for more details.

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