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Modomines – The future of Quarry & Crusher Software

Modomines – The future of Quarry & Crusher Software
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The future is NOW.  Modomines® ERP Quarry & Crusher Management Software ERP is widely recognized as the most stable and efficient platform for this industry and is considered to be the most forward thinking and iconic brands which is poised to become a revolutionary standard in the mining industry.   
There are a whole bunch of reasons for this and the most important one is Pricing. Its neither super expensive nor its low end.  “That factor alone is going to play a huge role in the growth of the company.  But our laser-like focus is ONE and ONE only…. How swiftly and permanently we prevent theft and loss of revenue for our clients is our ONLY focus.”, says the CEO Sayee Raghavachari.   
We have been quite literally doing a lot of business since March 2020 given that COVID-19 has though taken out our operations completely but we are thriving well for a few really simple reasons, our pricing, ease of data access to customers through our Modomines mobile and table apps, the quality of service we provide and its quite impossible for anyone to steal from our customers anymore. 
Of course, there will be market cycles as long as there will humans living on this planet.  However, here at Modomines® we are so committed to all the ups and downs that threaten the quality of service provided to the end customers.  “Our guys worked 24/7 even at the peak time of COVID-19 and I am extremely thankful for their level of commitment and the ‘CUSTOMER FIRST’ mentality is groomed from day 1 for them when they join the company”, says Mr. Boopathy who is the CTO of the company.    
When asked about the data security, As the CEO of the company, the ONLY thing that consistently gives me sleepless lights is the security of our customers and their data. I come to office every single day and spend countless hours to ensure that NO THEFT, NO SPILLAGES OR PILFERAGE happens for any of our clients.”, says the CEO Sayee Raghavachari and one cannot but empathize with him on those feelings. 
At Modomines®, there is an aura or maybe the correct term is attitude among almost all those who work there… and a sense of camaraderie that almost resembles a fighting unit like the Navy SEALS or the Delta.   
That probably is their greatest asset. 


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