Why Modomines is The Best Software for Your Business?

Here Are Some Of The Reasons Why The Software Claims To Prevent Theft, Pilferage And Spillages

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Definitive proof on why Modomines® Quarry & Crusher management software works for you. 

All of us experience this at one time or another in our lives.  The products that we buy either from an ad in TV or say YouTube never seems to add-up to our expectations. The pretty images we see in food advertisements where the Apples are so fresh its dripping dew and the pizza seems so fluffy with stringy cheese… I could go on forever.  And don’t forget the ads for mobile phones or the cars.   

For some reason many falls short and we don’t really want to believe that simply because we have already invested heavily in it.  This is what the economists call as a sunk hole fallacy. We keep it and pretend it is great but there is a nagging feeling in our heads that it wasn’t how it was advertised. 

Modomines® promises a lot of things in their website. It says it prevents theft, spillage and pilferages.  All these times we have only had empirical proof of that but an incidence that had happened with one of our newer clients, and that made us sit back and think on what critical role we play in the industry. Here is that story.  

A couple of our senior sales people mad 

e a visit to that customer’s location and after a few minutes of the usual chat, the detailed conversation and sales pitch started. In the end, the client liked what he saw and was happy to be a part of Modomines family.  When they were about to leave, he told them that a couple of his operators simply quit their jobs because they came to know that they had decided to install Modomines® Quarry & Crusher management software in their company. 

This is the critical proof for us and having struggled for over 8 years to ensure that every single Quarry and Crusher owner who have invested heavily in their infrastructure as well as equipment, manpower etc., shall not lose their investments by people around them due to stealing cash, fuel, tires or anything for that matter. And most importantly, data that is entered in the system must always be accurate so that the accounting process is completely buttoned up so nobody needs to scratch their heads at the end of every month to tally the revenue. 

We realized after thinking about this incident that Modomines® is incredibly powerful tool for Quarry and Crusher owners. Given the fact that we are a mid-range software in pricing, the Quarry & Crusher owners can prevent a significant amount of loss in their revenue over period of time so much so that they can get back their investment within a month.  Talk about ROI. It’s incredible how powerful the Modomines® software is.   

Check it out for yourself.  Call +91-97910 53535 and ask for a demo. You will get a 30-day free trial and money back guarantee. 

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